Rules & Regulations

Union Station is leased and operated by private ownership. The following depicts the rules of Conduct for Union Station. No person(s) in Union Station shall:

  1. Block free movement of another person or persons into and out of a store or any other Station entrance/exit sit or lie on the floor, occupy more than one seat, lie on benches, or block vertical transportation such as staircases, elevators and escalators
  2. Solicit or panhandle, handbill, leaflet, demonstrate or petition on Union Station premises
  3. Smoke inside Union Station. Union Station is a Smoke-Free Facility
  4. Create any unreasonable noise by any means. Use of radios and other sound-producing devices must be accomplished by means of headphones or earphones and must be inaudible to others
  5. Drink any alcoholic beverage or possess any opened or unsealed container of alcoholic beverage, except in premises or areas allowing the sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages. (Note that customers will carry alcohol purchased at Union Wine and Liquor throughout the building until they finish their shopping)
  6. Use any controlled substance
  7. Enter or remain in the Station, or on the trains, or by Station entrances while his or her ability to function safely in the environment of the Station or train is impaired by the consumption of alcohol or by the taking of any controlled substance
  8. Endanger the safety of others, engage in fighting, assault another person or persons or threaten another person with such conduct
  9. Bring inflated balloons, signs, laser pointers or wear masks or make up to disguise identity in Union Station
  10. Vandalize, injure, deface, alter, write upon, destroy, remove, tamper or interfere with, in any way, the effectiveness or accessibility of any real or personal property or equipment owned or under the jurisdiction of Union Station Management, Amtrak, Union Station Merchants or invitees of the Station
  11. Enter or attempt to enter any area to which public access is limited or otherwise restricted by any means, including, but not limited to barricades, fencing, doors and signs, or enter or leave the Station or the trains except by designated entrance ways or exits
  12. Skateboard, roller skate, ride a bicycle, scooter, segue or other self-propelled vehicle or device, other than by a physically disabled person, on or through any part of the Station or the trains
  13. Cook, light a fire, or otherwise create a fire except pursuant to a license granted by Union Station Management
  14. Utilize strollers or delivery carts on the escalators
  15. Dispense commercial merchandise with or without charge, or carry on any other commercial activity, except pursuant to the terms of any lease or license agreement granted by Union Station Management
  16. Offer or agree to carry bags for hire or flag taxicabs for hire
  17. Photography is welcome in the public areas of Union Station. However, the use of camera tripods and/or photography associated with the press or news media requires prior written approval from the Union Station Management Office

It is Amtrak policy to permit photography including news video in the public areas of Amtrak's portion of Washington Union Station. This area is generally defined as the Amtrak ticket counters northward to the train departure gates. Amtrak's Corporate Communications' Department must arrange escorts for news media wishing access to train platforms

Click here for a downloadable version of the Union Station D.C. Rules & Regulations