Scheduled for completion in late April, this extensive renovation project will significantly improve pedestrian traffic flow to and from the east end of the Amtrak train concourse. Now, visitors to Union Station will be able to easily access not only the east train concourse, but also our vast array of shops and restaurants, as well as the historic Main Hall in the front of the Station.

In the process of creating a walkway at the east end of the concourse, we are also upgrading the appearance of the retail storefronts in this area. Extensive use of glass walls will provide more visibility to other areas, and improved signage is designed to further enhance the Union Station experience.

We are very excited to undergo this important renovation but realize the construction process may temporarily inconvenience our visitors; for that we apologize. If you have any questions or comments about this project, please drop us a line at Please have a look at the renderings below to get a better idea of what's in store!

Existing Floor Plan

New Floor Plan with Walkway

View of New Walkway from Amtrak Gate

New Signage and Storefronts

Close-up of New Walkway

Click on the images above to view enlarged versions.