Leasing Options

Specialty leasing is geared for those with an entrepreneurial spirit to succeed in a thriving retail environment, regardless of business experience.

At Union Station, specialty leasing caters to small businesses owners and entrepreneurs by offering short term leasing opportunities at a low cost. We offer both kiosks and carts in high-traffic common areas, providing the opportunity for such entrepreneurs to showcase and market unique products and services.

Types of Specialty Leasing Options

Union Station's specialty leasing department provides a variety of short term leasing including RMUs (carts), kiosks and temporary in-line spaces.

Retail Merchandising Units (RMUs)
RMUs are carts provided by Union Station and are designed to let small business owners and entrepreneurs set up their business quickly with very little expense. These turnkey units are self-contained and consist of the following:

  • An average footprint of about 5' x 8'
  • A storage compartment
  • Lighting
  • A cash stand
  • Stool

Kiosks are modular units whose configuration and size are customizable. The units are made of mahogany and glass, and include lighting, glass shelves, a storage compartment and stool.

Short Term In-line Stores
Short term in-line stores provide significantly more space than either kiosks or RMUs and are ideal for businesses with a wide assortment of merchandise or products too large to fit on our smaller options. These stores vary in size, location, amenities and availability, and offer a more private and comfortable setting in which to conduct business. Business owners leasing short-term in-line stores are responsible for:

  • Producing their own storefront signage
  • Electricity and trash for the space
  • Fixtures (some in-line spaces have existing fixtures, but many do not)
  • Providing enough merchandise to fill the space

Specialty leasing rates vary based on type of unit (RMU, kiosk or in-line store), location within the Station, type of merchandise as well as time of year. For more information, contact your specialty leasing representative.